A melhor e mais estruturada república do Rio !

Mais do que quartos, múltiplos espaços para você estudar, trabalhar e viver seu projeto de carreira e desenvolvimento.

Completa estrutura
Quartos com armários individuais, Internet de alta qualidade, Sistema de segurança, Salas específicas para estudo e TV e Completa estrutura interna.
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Atmosfera voltada para o desenvolvimento
Regras de conduta rígidas e supervisão constante proporcionam ambiente agradável para estudar, dormir e viver em harmonia.
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Localização estratégica
Facilidade de acesso as principais universidades e cursos vestibulares e preparatórios. Oferta farta de transporte público para todos os cantos da cidade.
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Regras de Conduta - Inglês

Rules VouPruRio Republic

VouPruRio Republic Youth hostel is a legally constituted following all the rules and laws relating to establishments for hosting a season such as hotels, hostels, hotels and the like. The frequency of payment is always monthly, on the 7th of each month, always early, and temporary residents can extend their stay as long as their conveniency, subject to a minimum notice of 30 days in advance to departure and the following rules established:

1 - Visits are strictly prohibited in all property;

2- Each temporary resident is responsible for cleaning kitchen utensils as soon as finish to use, such as cutlery, plates, pans, glasses, stove and microwave when using. All that is used needs to be cleaned. If you need to check the security cameras identified the author will have a penalty of R $ 20.00 (twenty reais) to be included in your next payment slip. In recurrence fine equivalent to 10% of the monthly resident vacancy;

3. It is
prohibited smoke and consume alcohol in all property;

4 -
It is prohibited promote meetings and parties, gambles in all property, except in the pool area, always under prior authorization;

It is prohibited date or have any kind of intimate contact, such as stay embraced, cheek to cheek, lying on the lap or other behavior that raises in other temporary residents and the administration any constraint in all property;

6. After 11pm, everyday, must be silence, any noise or conversation should be interrupted. All activities after this time must be done with zeal, avoiding bother other temporary residents;

7- All temporary residents have the right to use the utensils, appliances and furniture of the common areas of the house (kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry, service area and pool area) that should be used judiciously preserving the security and good use pointing out that the same can not be changed location without the express permission of the administration;

8 For security reasons to cook, prepare or heat food, temporary resident should stay in the kitchen until completion unless it remains the home management can, to preserve the security, stop the process, without any warning;

9- The laundry works obeying range of up to 3 people per day (1 wash per person), from Monday to Friday and up to 2 people on Saturdays, use outside the zone is forbidden. All lots of clothes will have to be supervised by management to prevent small amounts are placed in your generating waste of water and energy. The clothes should be extended in the staves by the temporary resident and collected itself once it is dry. Dry clothes that remain on the line may be withdrawn by the administration to make room for other residents;

10- The non-perishable food must be packaged properly in closets for each resident, all is found out can be collected or even placed in the trash, to preserve hygiene, without warning;

11- The use of the fridge is shared, for each temporary resident a specific device will be designated being forbidden the use of the other for any purpose, the use of water bottles is prohibited, as are available drinking fountains water purifiers for this purpose. The spoiled perishables, poorly packed or outside the expiration date, to preserve hygiene, will be photographed and placed in the trash. Temporary residents caught on camera opening refrigerators or using food from other residents will incur a penalty of R $ 20.00 (twenty reais) to be included in your next payment slip. In recurrence fine equivalent to 10% of the monthly resident vacancy;

12 - Each temporary resident must provide linens, towels, pots, cutlery, plates and glass for single use personally caring for each of your belongings;

13- It is forbidden to leave the lights, fans and appliances on when the room is empty or without the owner of the fan or appliance is present. The temporary resident is obliged to comply with the safety standards of each appliance aimed at its proper functioning. Misuse damage that results will be properly charged the temporary resident or deducted from the total deposit made;

14- It is strictly forbidden to eat in the rooms and other shared internal areas of the house, as well as using cups or glass utensils or sharp objects in the pool area. The meals should be made in the kitchen or in the tables located on the outside;

15. Each temporary resident has his determined and numbered space. The temporary resident may not change bed or bedroom, or store food outside the given space to it, or enter into other rooms without administrator authorization;

16- It is not allowed to leave clothes or belongings out of the lockers or bags of temporary resident, all that is left out of the appropriate location, to preserve hygiene and order, they may collected by the administration in own and put the bag into the room to be collected by their respective owners later. Identified temporary residents who do not keep their belongings in appropriate locations that will have a penalty of R $ 20.00 (twenty reais) to be included in your next payment slip. In recurrence fine equivalent to 10% of the monthly resident vacancy. The cleaning of the rooms will be weekly obeying last criterion by management. In the days determined to clean, so that this task can be performed, all belongings are scattered on the floor or outside the appropriate location will be placed in a bag and left the room;

17- It is not allowed to change the appearance and location of any item, furniture or room in the house (paintings, holes in the wall, shelves, tables, sofas, chairs, etc.), unless authorized by the administrator;

18- Air conditioning is only turned on when the thermometer showed 30 degrees home 22:00 and off at 7:00 the next day;

19 - It is not allowed to use iron or any appliance inside the rooms, but up to 30 cm, cell phone chargers, laptop and alarm clocks or unless duly authorized by the administrator fans. The use of iron is only allowed to spend a minimum of 3 pieces, using it on the ironing board at the place determined by the administration;

20 - Cleaning and maintenance of all property is the responsibility of temporary residents, even with the cleaning and care offered by the administrator;

21- The keys of the gates and the room are for individual use, is strictly forbidden to lend or give keys to others even as temporary residents of the house. It is specifically prohibited the entry of former temporary residents or foreign persons not included in the list of temporary residents of the republic. Mail, pizza delivery and food, parcels and other home care required by temporary residents should be made at the gate directly by the applicant;

22 - The administrator is not responsible for the disappearance of objects and belongings of any temporary resident, being the sole responsibility of each take care of their personal property;

23 - Any kind of political, partisan demonstration, religious or current of thought can only occur with the express permission of the administration;

In breach of any of the rules above is the free administrator to impose fines of up to 10% of the rent for infringement, including them in the monthly payment slips and slaughter those fines made the deposit amounts;
Operating procedures of the House

1. Observe the garbage collection scale clearing the area around the trash can to maintain the hygiene

2 - The correspondence addressed to temporary residents who are absent at the time of delivery will be in administration

3 - Any and all payments must be made via bank or electronically to ensure greater safety of temporary residents

4 - The cleanliness of the rooms will be weekly obeying a previously posted scale on the bulletin board of the republic

5 - The bags should be stored under the temporary resident's bed

6 - For security reasons the doors should remain locked at all times.

It makes good sense to observe:

- Keep the pots and utensils in the cupboards after being washed;

- Do not throw paper in the toilet, as this can clog and affect other temporary residents;

- To properly discharge the vessels and see if the toilet is clean and ready for use following other residents, if necessary report the administration if there is any problem in the discharge;

- Collect by the sinkers after bathing;

- Use the space in the refrigerator with zeal, respecting other temporary residents;

- Use the tools only as long as necessary without "delay" the use of the same (shower, stove, tank, microwave etc.);


Que tipo de local você quer morar ?

Seu curso de gradução, pós-graduação, mestrado e doutorado são um tempo precioso para sua formação acadêmica e profissional, para isso voce deve buscar um local onde esse tempo possa ser o mais alinhado possível com seus objetivos. Na casa temos toda uma estrutura para que voce possa estudar, descansar e viver durante esse tempo e estar preparado ao final dessa jornada. A escolha do local onde vai ficar pode ser predominante para alcançar seus objetivos.

Como melhorar sua produtividade

Sua produtividade está intimamente ligada com os elementos que o vão cercar durante seu curso. Um local apropriado para estudar, internet de boa qualidade com suporte 24 horas, estrutura para alimentação e espaço para estar ao ar livre são alguns dos elementos que necessita. A casa tem normas de conduta rígidas para garantir uma atmosfera de tranquilidade para que sua produtividade seja otimizada ao máximo.

Defina metas e tenha foco

Capacidade de definir metas acadêmicas e profissionais e manter o foco são caracteristicas observadas em pessoas de alto rendimento e sucesso. Nossa missão é proprorcionar ferramentas para que você possa instrumentalizar isso em sua vida.

Seja o autor da sua história

Ser autor de sua vida significa mostrar a capacidade de não abrir mão de sonhos e metas. A vida cotidiana apresenta desafios aos planos que traçamos, desistir é fácil, permanecer é que proporcionará a vitória. Remova sistematicamente qualquer obstaculo que se interponha no sua caminho.

Filosofia VPR

Proporcionar não apenas quartos mas uma completa estrutura para proporcionar a estudantes todas as condições para alcançar seus objetivos academicos e pessoais.


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